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The Power of the Words You Say


Articles, books, social media, conversations, letters, phone calls, emails … we use words all the time, we share information and experiences with each other using words. Moreover, we use words to talk to ourselves too, the so-called self-talk that is recorded in our mind and in our subconscious too. The words that we think – our thoughts, they stay somewhere inside us and influence our life at every moment.


There are many ways to use the power of the words through positive affirmations, NLP, visualization techniques, sound healing, mantra meditations, poetry etc. One of the explanations is that we consist of so much water and water has memory; you can literally record your thoughts and words on water. But the words we use in our daily communication with ourselves and others, remain also in our mind and they start to form our life beliefs, which will affect the way we experience life itself.

For example, if you say the sentence “I am a friendly person” every day to your friends, to co-workers, to people you don’t know but you meet in the store, to yourself … every day many times you think this sentence and you speak it out loud too. Even if it is not true at the beginning, at one point in time it will start influencing your life. You will slowly begin to believe in it, it will make you behave in a way to prove it true to yourself first of all and maybe to others too. Actually, you never know where a word can take you.

It would be highly beneficial if you start each type of healing process with the mindset that would support it. When you begin a coMra-Therapy course, for example, you can use the power of healing affirmations to make the healing even more effective. If you sit relaxed and start repeating in your mind or out loud some words like “I am healed” or “I am balanced and cured, I am moving slowly to a state of health”, the words will pass from the conscious into the subconscious and this will affect the work of your inner organs, like you are giving them a command to get well soon.

And we say thousands of words every day, we tell stories, we think and repeat stories in our heads too. What will happen if we start to observe what kind of words we use daily? What are our beliefs, what are the truths that we don’t question but follow with our actions? What will happen if we begin to be even more aware of the words that pass through our life?

Things will change. You never know what exactly the change will bring, but if you make the next step to the direction that you want, that you are aware of, if you follow your intention for a better and more aware life, the changes will help you grow and you will learn more than you know today.

For this reason, we created a very special and interesting mobile application that uses the power of words. “I Am Lucky” is an interactive game emphasising the power of words and how important they are in a positive affirmation and setting the correct intent for healing! You can download the app from here.

This is an entertaining application that provides you with the chance to draw a random lucky sentence every day.

But that is not all…

“I Am Lucky” is an interactive game. A game with real-life awards.
You play and you receive points. Then, the points can be turned into coupon codes that give you discounts. All the details about the rewards are in the app.
The main purpose of the game is for everyone to see the power of words and how important they are!

That’s why each sentence starts with “I Am…”

So, are you curious already? Want to know the answer to the question – “How Am I Today?”
Then download our new application “I Am Lucky” and check out your fortune and a focus for the day!

*The mobile application “I am Lucky” is not active at the moment!