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Health Benefits of Laser Therapy

The low intensity laser therapy like coMra can be used for healing, regeneration and pain relief. It reduces inflammation in the body and enhances its natural functions and abilities to heal. It is also known as cold laser therapy or photobiomodulation while the lasers are of such low intensity which does not produce any heating effect. On the other hand, the cold laser therapy is very effective because
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coMra therapy Is In Harmony With The Principles of Life – Part 1

The body is a very complex system where all the organs are working together. But your thoughts lead to emotions and they influence the body directly. Maybe you don’t see if it happens one time but a repetition of a certain thinking pattern will eventually manifest in your body either as health or as a disease.
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Pain Management for Fibromyalgia Which is Natural and Non-Invasive

Fibromyalgia is a condition that is linked to pain which occurs all over the body, affects the muscles and the inner organs. There are tender points of pain but also sharp and severe pain, stiffness in the morning after a long night with bad quality sleep.

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