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coMra Therapy Improves the Functioning of Each Organ in the Body

With only several treatments, the body intelligence will be awaken again into sustaining the inner balance. This approach gives your organs a mild but powerful support in order to restore their healthy condition. As you can see in the coMra user guide, there are different treatments and they all focus on one or more of the major organs.
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What Does It Mean To Be Healthy?

All the time we use the word “health” but what does it really mean to be a healthy person? Do you have a reference of what does it mean to you? Can you remember the last time when you knew for sure how it feels when you are healthy?
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Your Body Never Lies, Just Listen

Have you noticed how your body feels when you are angry or sad, or depressed? All the body signs, symptoms and diseases are the way your body is sending you a message. And you need to pay attention in order to get it right.
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coMra therapy Is In Harmony With The Principles of Life – Part 1

The body is a very complex system where all the organs are working together. But your thoughts lead to emotions and they influence the body directly. Maybe you don’t see if it happens one time but a repetition of a certain thinking pattern will eventually manifest in your body either as health or as a disease.
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Low Power Laser Devices for Pain

Why the low power laser devices for pain relief and healing are getting more and more popular? Can you use them at home and how to know what do you need to do in order to get the better results? Are they effective and why they are much better than the traditional medicine which use chemicals in order to soothe the symptoms?
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