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coMra therapy Is In Harmony With The Principles of Life – Part 1

The body is a very complex system where all the organs are working together. But your thoughts lead to emotions and they influence the body directly. Maybe you don’t see if it happens one time but a repetition of a certain thinking pattern will eventually manifest in your body either as health or as a disease.
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The 5 Keys for Healthy and Flexible Joints

Each movement of the body depends on the health of the joints – from the bending of the knees or the back, to simple walking or writing. It is very important to take care of the joints and the cartilage that cushions the bones, preventing them from rubbing. With the age, after too much weight …

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How to Support the Lymphatic System for Better Health

Why the role of the lymphatic system is so important for your health? How to support its better functioning incorporating some useful habits in your lifestyle? What not to do if you want to have a lymphatic system that works properly? The lymphatic system is the body’s drainage net of small tubes that takes away …

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coMra Regenerates!

Today more and more are people choosing to stay away from invasive treatments and long-term dependence on pharmaceutical drugs. One effective and non-toxic healing modality which is becoming recognised is coMra-Therapy, which combines low-level laser light with magnetism, colour LEDs, and in some models ultrasound. Physiotherapists have used low-level lasers for the relief of pain …

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