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WEBINAR: Healing Beyond Physical For Men “Marching to the Beat of Your Own Drum”

Today we are going through “Healing for men, marching to the beat of our own drum.” This is the third in a webinar series that we started. In the first one, we were starting to relate healing to going beyond strictly physical and it was titled “Supporting hormonal balance with coMra therapy”.

Can Emotional Stress Cause Chronic Pain?

However, it often leads to prolonged physical pain in the muscles and nerves. Chronic pain can be caused by injuries, inflammation, nerve damage and emotional issues. Many people with prolonged pain are suffering from post-trauma disorder, depression, anxiety and emotional breakdown.
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Why coMra is a Different Cold Laser Therapy

The low level intensity lasers are getting more and more popular these days as they provide very good health results. The treatments are pain-free and drug-free, highly effective and have many benefits for your health. However, not all of the devices on the market are the same as the laser’s intensity varies which creates
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