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How to Use coMra Therapy to Treat Hormonal Imbalances

The body is trying to restore the balance but with all the factors that affect the hormonal production negatively, this could become quite a complicated task. Women experience all kinds of symptoms linked to the disturbed hormonal balance from hot flashes, skin issues to…
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How To Balance Hormones In Your Body Naturally

The hormonal balance is the foundation of your overall health as when we speak about hormones everything is interconnected. Hormones take part in almost every process and the problems with their production can spread and affect more than one organ.

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Causes and Natural Healing of Hair Loss

Several hairs to fall in the shower is a normal thing and we can’t speak about a hair loss in that case, however if more than fifty hairs are falling each day and thinning on the scalp is visible, then the problem has to be carefully addressed and observed. The hair is showing instantly the …

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6 Natural Keys for Women’s Hormonal Balance

How a woman can balance her hormones without medication and hormone pills? What do you need to be careful about when we talk about hormonal balance? Which are the factors that might affect it and what do you have to avoid or reduce in order to keep yourself healthy?   The balance of the different …

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