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Coping With Anxiety By Following These Steps

It resembles fear and comes with hours of being worried but it looks like there is no actual reason for it. So, what would help you coping with anxiety at the moment when it happens to you? Are there any easy steps to follow in order to get instant relief but also to eliminate the cause of it?
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Which Are the Roots of The Emotional Stress? (Part 2 of 2)

Do you feel tired all the time, stressed and anxious? Have you ever wondered why some people find stressful and intense situations stimulating rather than frightening? Something in your reaction towards what happens is the root of the emotional stress in your life? There are some patterns in the way you think about problems which makes your body suffer and produce stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline.

The coMra User Guide in Details: Universal Treatments 5 and 7 – Nervous system

If you are in a period of emotional stress and you feel overwhelmed, exhausted and anxious, coMra therapy can help you not only with the symptoms but also with the cause and the root of your condition. The Universal treatments 5 and 7 from the coMra user guide, which focus on the neuroendocrine system, are key for emotional and mental health.

Fighting recurrent depression with coMra

I have suffered with depression and recurrent depressive episodes at varying levels – some severe enough to require hospitalisation, since 1996. Guest Post by Mariette Lobo. Story is provided by one of the clients of Body in Balance Clinic (UK) ” I have been subject to being prescribed different medications: Sertraline, Semi-sodium Valproate, Venlefaxine to …

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